The Unseen Corruption

The Darkness Parted

Carceri Returns!


From the journal of Justicar Starvoss (formerly Shilling Glittergold)

An XXXXX denotes a part of the journal that was unreadable due to it being soaked through, torn, or burnt.

Day 7.

Today we devised a plan to XXXXX Mahudu. I managed to give myself and Oakenstaff the ability to breathe underwater for a short XXXXX rode on his frog through the water and past the gate into the city.

Day 8.

We entered XXXXX up the hill and XXXXX to the living tower. As we entered, we witnessed the corruption XXXXX Durza as he accepted a scroll from XXXXX charged into battle against our foes. At first, the horde of cultists threatened to overwhelm us, but a group of zombies entered the fray, giving us a brief respite from our powerful foes. In the end, I managed to cast XXXXX Oakenstaff flying through the air and he decapitated Durza. Immediately, the tower shook.

Date Unknown

We awoke and realized our folly; we had been standing in a wheat field the entire time! Carceri Ravel remained in the field; it seemed she had been manipulating us through the use of the Scarlet Brotherhood’s scrolls of illusory terrain. How she accomplished such a feat of magic is beyond me, for now. It would seem when we visited her hut, we neglected to destroy her last straw body, which she used as a receptacle until now. Even as these magical inks scribe my words, I draw my wand as Oakenstaff charges with a bestial roar, frothing at the mouth, and Genji draws his sword, which he has sworn not to resheath until it is bathed in blood…


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