The Unseen Corruption

The Darkness Parted
Carceri Returns!


From the journal of Justicar Starvoss (formerly Shilling Glittergold)

An XXXXX denotes a part of the journal that was unreadable due to it being soaked through, torn, or burnt.

Day 7.

Today we devised a plan to XXXXX Mahudu. I managed to give myself and Oakenstaff the ability to breathe underwater for a short XXXXX rode on his frog through the water and past the gate into the city.

Day 8.

We entered XXXXX up the hill and XXXXX to the living tower. As we entered, we witnessed the corruption XXXXX Durza as he accepted a scroll from XXXXX charged into battle against our foes. At first, the horde of cultists threatened to overwhelm us, but a group of zombies entered the fray, giving us a brief respite from our powerful foes. In the end, I managed to cast XXXXX Oakenstaff flying through the air and he decapitated Durza. Immediately, the tower shook.

Date Unknown

We awoke and realized our folly; we had been standing in a wheat field the entire time! Carceri Ravel remained in the field; it seemed she had been manipulating us through the use of the Scarlet Brotherhood’s scrolls of illusory terrain. How she accomplished such a feat of magic is beyond me, for now. It would seem when we visited her hut, we neglected to destroy her last straw body, which she used as a receptacle until now. Even as these magical inks scribe my words, I draw my wand as Oakenstaff charges with a bestial roar, frothing at the mouth, and Genji draws his sword, which he has sworn not to resheath until it is bathed in blood…

Genji Shimada, Slayer of the Horde

"The age of his reckoning was uncounted. The scribes carved his name deep in the tablets of time across eons, and each battle etched terror in the hearts of the demons. They knew he would come, as he always had, as he always will, to feast on the blood of the wicked. For he alone could draw strength from his fallen foes, and ever his power grew, swift and unrelenting."

-From the Doragonsureiyā no hon

We reached the city of Mahudu, but something was wrong. The smell of blood was rancid on the air, and no men guarded the bridge to the city. Thoughts of an apocalypse or some strange danger spurred us on towards the city.

When we arrived, however, a terrible sight met our eyes. The city in flames, many wounded and perished; such sights hastened our movement towards the large warehouse where the wounded were being cared for.

No sooner then we had met Oakenstaff's friend in the Mahudu Garrison, however, did the dead rise. Endless hordes of zombies attacked us, and as the citizens ran for cover, it was left to my companions and I to dispatch the horde. Did we fight for hours or minutes, none could say afterwards, but eventually we dispatched the endless zombie horde.

Whether we triumphed or not, none can say until we examine the wounds of my companions and the overall damage to the city's infrastructure. Until then, my sleep (or lack thereof) is of a contented nature, knowing that this day I have done a great good.

The Beginning


The story so far:

Our adventurers:

Captain Oakenstaff

Genji Shimada

Shilling Glittergold

The Cult of Wizardry is trying to summon a corrupting entity known as Ghül and the Order of Magus is trying to stop them.

Our heroes began the day in an inn, when Oakenstaff was ambushed by a mysterious figure in an alley. After fighting them off, the figure revealed that they were Aelyn Vex of the Scarlet Brotherhood and that Genji had been summoned to the Bear Temple. They went to the temple and learned of the illusory terrain that was used to hide it. They then met Grandmaster Shinichi-Obu over a tea ceremony, one of the leaders of the Brotherhood. During the night, Aelyn was captured and her mind was corrupted, but the party found her, and after fighting off some golems, restored her mind, killing a Cult member that was there, the hideous Carceri Ravel.

The next morn, as her fate was being decided, the massive form of Rashamon, the bear spirit, broke through the roof of the temple. The massive, normally benevolent figure was now covered in maggots, corrupted. They tried to fight him, but it became apparent that they could not win. Finally, Grandmaster Shinichi-Obu broke the spirit seal, killing Rashamon instantly. Convinced of the threat Ghül posed, the Grandmaster resolved to try and convince the Brotherhood to aid the Order of Magus in their battle against it.

After entrusting the scrolls of illusory terrain to the party, the Grandmaster and Aelyn went to the Tiger Temple, in hopes of getting their help to fight the Cult. A monk from the Bear Temple joined their party, calling himself Warrior of the Night.

They journeyed forth to Mahudu, the city Oakenstaff hailed from and also the base of the Order. As journeyed there, encountering some giant froges on the way, one of which Genji tamed. They also encountered a vine golem, but before fighting it, Shilling managed to acquire its phylactery, and thereby control it.

They soon came upon a small hut, in which Carceri had reformed in a straw body, and were trapped by her. She then revealed that Shilling was actually Justicar Starvoss, a Justicar for the Order of Magus, and not a peddler as they all assumed. Genji managed to light the place on fire, however, and they escaped as Carceri and her bodies burned.

They then continued their journey to the city.


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